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Prepare Your Ideas and Preferences

For the 1 Page Anchor WordPress Website Offer we request you prepare the following information


1. A description of what the company does, it’s industry and target market

2. Your chosen design (either from the list of suggestions provided by us or one you have found)

3. Any functionality or further pages desired beyond what’s included within the package (although these will typically be extras undertaken as a separate project, just so we know and plan for these upgrades)

4. Complete structure for the page (e.g. 1st section “About us” with story, 2nd section photo gallery etc.)

5. Any branding materials you have, most importantly your logo and brand colour palette

6. All contents that should appear on the one page website, including all texts, product images etc.

7. Hosting and domain login details so we can migrate the website to your server once completed!




Enjoy the Process!

All that’s left on your side is to provide as detailed and precise feedback as possible regarding the design concepts and revisions, reviewing amendments as soon as conveniently possible. We hope you have a fun design journey!


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