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Over 300 projects completed with 100% Success
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100% Satisfaction or Money back guarantee

If you’re not satisfied In the slightest

Taking customer support to the next level

24/7 live assistance

Over 600 projects completed with 100% Success

All over the world

Frequently Asked Questions

This offer is specifically for web design only and does not include any development. Within this offer you get two unique concepts for a fully custom designed webpage, with everything from layout to icons tailor made just for your brand. You also get the fully editable source file ready for development (this is typically a Figma link unless desired otherwise). This offer does not include:

•  Contents for the webpages: all texts for the webpages need to be provided by you. We will input all contents as provided to us, however please ensure that the copy you provide is free of errors to avoid multiple rounds of text edits within the webpages.

•  Images: when building the draft version of the webpage we will source and use royalty free images, however if you’d like us to change those you will need to provide the images desired instead. This offer also doesn’t include the purchase of paid images.

•  Custom Mobile and Tablet versions*: this offer includes the design of only two concepts with revisions. It does not include a separate mobile or tablet version design if you opt to have two desktop concepts. You can however within the same offer choose to have ANY two concepts. Thus, one or both of the concepts can be mobile or tablet versions and this offer can be interpreted as either:
1. Custom Webpage Design X1 Mobile X1 Desktop (common for google speed test custom theme development)
2. Custom Webpage Design X1 Tablet
 X1 Desktop 
3. Custom Webpage Design X1 Mobile X1 Tablet 
4. Custom Webpage Design X2 Desktop

Absolutely! Once the first drafts of both webpages are ready based on your chosen structure specification, you get two sets of complete edits (although typically one round of edits completely suffices for most of the webpages). We request that for each of these two rounds of edits you carefully go through the draft webpages and make a list of all the changes to be made throughout.  If it is the case that after both sets of edits there are some minor tweaks left, we will be happy to implement those too, however please bear in mind that only two rounds of edits are included within the package, and further major edits will incur a charge.

In essence custom web design can be considered a luxury service. As you may know there are thousands of ready templates and designs that you can choose from which come at a fraction of the price. If looking for a quick and budget solution going with “guided design” with one of these ready designs might as well be the best route. However, none of these templates will be able to truly capture your brand. Furthermore, most certainly a few similarly designed websites will exist and it is truly difficult to find templates or themes that will mesmerize visitors and permanently engrave your brand in their memories. Last but definitely not least, very few ready designs will be optimized to your website goals.

On the contrary, with our custom web design service every single detail in the design is thought about. From layout and colours to iconography and typography, everything is tailored to truly convey your brand and achieve high conversion on the goals you have, whether it may be for the visitor to purchase, get in touch or simply share the website: everything is thought through! Thus to put in perspective, it takes us around 10-12 hours of work to put a concept together (excluding revisions)! So whether you need this service or not essentially boils down to a trade-off between quality and price, and that’s ultimately for you to decide!

The short answer is: instantly! We typically use Whatsapp and e-mail for communication, and upon payment your project will be assigned to a project manager. Although our working hours are 8:00 am to 8:00 pm (London time) Monday-Friday, your project manager will most likely be available to answer any questions beyond these hours, including Saturdays!

Certainly! From the moment you make the payment all rights to all work done pass to you. We do however reserve the right (unless discussed otherwise in advance) to present the work done for you as part of our portfolio and to place a Designed by BillieA.” discrete link in the footer of your webpage.

On average we deliver two unique webpage concepts within 15 days. It does differ from project to project though, depending on factors such as speed of feedback, whether contents and other requirements listed below are ready and revisions needed.

Custom Webpage Design X2 Concepts

Give Your Website a WoW Factor and Make It Stand Out Among Competitors! ​​
£ 920
  •  2x 100% Unique Web Page Concepts With Revisions and Edits
  •  Designs Tailored to Your Target Market, Following Latest Design Trends
  •  Impartial Advice on User Experience and Conversion Rate Considerations
  •  Final File Exported to Zeplin, Invision or Figma Ready For Development

How Custom Webpage Design Offer works

1. Make the Purchase

Simply press the buy now button and you will be directed straight to checkout with this offer already selected. During the checkout you will also be able to select variations for this offer and apply any coupon codes you have. We try very hard to make the purchase experience as simple as possible, with payment options including paypal, by card and direct transfer!

All our offers are tried and tested to include everything a buyer would expect from the service when making the purchase, so this Custom Webpage Design Offer(X2 Concepts) will most certainly satisfy any company’s needs. Still, if you have any doubts about the specification or have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to message us and we’ll be delighted to answer any questions you may have!

2. We'll Get in touch

During checkout we request for you to provide a Whatsapp number, and this will be the primary means of contact we’ll use. If however you do not use Whatsapp, we’ll use the email address provided, so please ensure you have regular access to the email you provide.

We will be in touch with you within a few hours (latest) after the purchase! Once the payment is processed, you will automatically be emailed an invoice/receipt for the service and will be directed to the confirmation page which will contain all your order information as well as our contact details and a reminder of details to prepare.

3. Express your ideas

So we can produce best results and deliver the final product faster we request you provide us with:

  • A description of what the company does, it’s industry and target market
  • Any functionality that should be highlighted on the webpage and the main conversion goal of the page (e.g. to explain a process, to go to services page, to get in touch etc)
  • Complete structure for the page or two structures if wish for the two concepts to have different structures (e.g. 1st section “About us” with story, 2nd section photo gallery etc.)
  • Any branding materials you have, most importantly your logo and existing brand colour palette
  • All contents that should appear on the web pages, including all texts, product images etc.
Don’t worry though if unsure about all the parts, we can always start with a discussion of the specifications. Then, once the structure and key assets are agreed on, we can design the first two draft concepts of the webpages using dummy text and placeholder images whilst you get the remaining requirement prepared (such as the texts, alternative images, etc..) and can then take it from there!

4. Review & feedback

Once the webpage structure is agreed on we will design the first draft concepts and send you a “view and comment” Figma link. From browsing the first drafts it should be easy for you to quickly identify which ideas work and what amendments you’d like.

So all that’s left on your side is to provide as detailed and precise feedback as possible regarding the changes desired (and you can directly comment on the shared file, pinpointing every individual asset and what change needs to be made) review amendments as soon conveniently possible and in the meantime prepare any outstanding requirements (for example texts, or purchasing hosting etc if not already provided). We hope you have a fun design and development journey!

what Our clients say

Billie is a brilliant designer – one of the best I’ve worked with. I’m going to continue working with her.

Saghir H.

  • Hyre. ·
Billie did a fantastic job working on a design for me. I am very pleased with the results and hope to work will Billie again in the future.

David M.

  • Genius Learning ·
Billie was great. Very thorough and patient. I chose well!

Liz H.

  • Growing Healthier ·
Absolutely brilliant, far superior to anything anticipated

Michael F.

  • Fisherley ·
Great again. Looking forward to working with you again in the future A++

Dean R.

  • Nova Beauty ·
Great job, exactly what i was after. will definitely use again. Amazing aftercare even weeks after the job was completed.

Dean R.

  • Nova Beauty ·
Lovely freelancer with serious talent! Would highly recommend Billie to anyone needing website development work.

Alice L.

  • Lifestyle Blogger ·
The work that Billie delivered was exceptional. So professional from start to finish and excellent communication. I would recommend Billie to anyone looking for a website designer.

Kevin A.

  • LAB Academy ·
Billie did an excellent job in a very short time. She has been fast to respond to all requests and our responsive website is working like a charm. Highly recommended.

Giuliano G.

  • Granular Investments ·
Thanks Billie.. thanks for the great work and support. I look forward doing more projects in the future.

Norbert N.

  • Acescult ·
Billie is fantastic, so creative, professional and full of great advice and recommendations ! I couldn’t be happier with my beautiful website and would recommend her services to anyone needing a great website!

Diana P.

  • This Mummys Tale ·
Billie completed the project ahead of time. My overall rating is 10 out of 10 (professional, committed, friendly and responded to communication on time). I highly recommend Billie.

Dennis A.

  • Wits Property ·
Great to work with billie! Had a design we wanted to implement on WordPress and she was very knowledgable and very patient with us and worked closely with us to get the job done! Highly recommend

Hari W.

  • Glassdoor ·
Billie did a fantastic job of taking my design spec for my travel blog and re-vamping it with a new and improved design and build that was visually appealing and contemporary. Good communication throughout and responded to my questions very quickly. Excellent job!

Usman M.

  • Nomadic Muslim ·
Billie was quick and very efficient. Best of all, she repeatedly asked if I had any questions or further requests regarding the project. Very good work.

Caitlin R.

  • Journalist ·
It was a great pleasure to work with Billie who did excellent work with a great, proactive attitude. Thanks Billie!

James D.

  • SmoothBook ·
Billie is both professional & talented. We are delighted with the website & turnaround times for the project. We could not recommend Billie highly enough!

Ryan W.

  • Informed FS ·
This was our first project with Billie. It went really well. Great communications, attention to detail and effort to produce a professional result!. We are getting underway with another project already.

Ray M.

  • AlertBi ·
Billie is very professional and meets the timelines very accurately! Enjoyed working with her! She was explaining beforehand the steps she would work on and updated me after it was done, so that I had a clear picture of the task progress!

Janet K.

  • Pro X Girl ·
Billie was so helpful and easy to work with . She did a fantastic job and I’m very happy.

Helena B.

  • Shift Coaching ·
Billie was a real pleasure to work with. Delivered project on time and she was happy to make changes as requested. She also very knowledgeable and I will definitely recommend her. Look forward to working with you again

Chisom E.

  • YIP ·
Well done Billie, I love it and am happy so far. Looking forward to the second half.

Norbert N.

  • Acescult ·
Group (1)
Really happy with every thing that was done, great communication and work 5*

Daniela B.

  • Soul Holistic ·
This young lady did a sterling job always on point and quick responses.Thank you Billie and i will be back again.Looking forward to working with you again….*****norman

Norman W.

  • Antiques International ·

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